Monday, March 23, 2009

Rose McIver, Bruce Allpress, Peter Rowley, John Leigh, Olivia Tennet & Katrina Browne in "Ozzie" (2001)

The Australia-produced kids film "Ozzie," features a host of future Power Rangers alums from the Disney era. The movie tells the story of a talking koala named Ozzie who is taken from his home by the henchmen of an evil toymaker (played by Joan Collins) who seeks to harness his special talent to produce a line of toys for American kids. Ozzie manages to escape and lands in the arms of a young boy, Justin, living with his single mother who promises to keep him safe. Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) plays Caitlin, the object of Justin's affections. Caitlin agrees to help Justin in his cause after she learns about Ozzie's ability to talk. McIver appears throughout the film. Bruce Allpress (Master Phant, Jungle Fury) also has a starring role as Justin's mentor and neighbor, famous comic book artist Charlie Foster. When Justin gets into trouble thanks to Ozzie, his mother blames Charlie's fantasy world that Justin is obsessed with. Ninja Storm voice actor Peter Rowley (voice of Zurgane, Ninja Storm) plays one of the toymaker's bumbling henchmen who tries to steal Ozzie throughout the film. John Leigh (Brownbeard, Overdrive) also appears in the film as a scientist who works with the toymaker in her efforts to extract Ozzie's brainwave patterns so they can be reproduced for a new toyline. Rose McIver's RPM co-star Olivia Tennet (Dr. K, RPM) appears in two scenes as her classmate who is quick to answer their teacher's question. McIver can be seen in the background of Tennet's screencaps. Also seen in the background of Olivia's pics is her older brother, Anton Tennet who has a starring role as Justin's best friend. Anton appeared in a minor role on Dino Thunder. Finally, Katrina Browne (Kapri, Ninja Storm) appears early in the film as a flight attendant friend of Justin's mother on their trip home from Australia. If all of this wasn't enough of a PR connection, the movie even features a throwaway line mentioning Power Rangers by name.

Rose McIver

Bruce Allpress

Peter Rowley

John Leigh

Olivia Tennet

Katrina Browne

"Ozzie" is available on DVD

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