Monday, March 10, 2014

Rose McIver on "Once Upon a Time" - 2 (2013)

Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) continued her recurring role on "Once Upon a Time," as her character, Tinker Bell discovers that Henry's family has very few concrete plans to rescue the boy. In the episode "Nasty Habits," she confronts them about their mission, demanding they have a plan for defeating the villainous Peter Pan, before she will help them locate his camp. Tinker Bell warns them that they don't know what they're dealing with and she refuses to help until they find an answer. The character disappears for a few episodes, but re-emerges in the seventh episode of the season, titled "Dark Hollow." Henry's grandparents, Snow White & Prince Charming go looking for Tinker Bell, as the group of heroes discover a way to trap Pan and allow their plans for rescuing Henry to come to fruition. Upon seeing her old friend, Baelfire alive and well, Tinker Bell agrees to assist the group and lead them to Peter Pan's camp in the hopes of freeing Henry from the villain's clutches. McIver only appears in one scene during both episodes.

Episode 3x4 - "Nasty Habits"

 photo ouat-3x4-rm1_zps6f30ebb6.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm2_zpsb6168508.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm3_zps8d9410c8.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm4_zps3e491a52.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm5_zps1eb5f73c.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm6_zps5cc56682.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm7_zps167b88d0.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm8_zps5674b4b8.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm9_zpsc23a528a.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm10_zps56e724f8.jpg  photo ouat-3x4-rm11_zps63a92d8f.jpg
 photo ouat-3x4-rm12_zps0a73e086.jpg

Episode 3x7 - "Dark Hollow"

 photo ouat-3x7-rm1_zps7b25f63b.jpg  photo ouat-3x7-rm2_zps173ce41a.jpg
 photo ouat-3x7-rm3_zps1f737406.jpg
 photo ouat-3x7-rm4_zps75dbaa4c.jpg  photo ouat-3x7-rm5_zpsa96899e0.jpg
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Season 3 of "Once Upon a Time" airs on ABC

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