Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nakia Burrise on "Boston Legal" (2005)

Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) appeared on the hit primetime drama series, "Boston Legal" briefly during it's second season. Burrise played Liz, a jailed woman who also happens to be a former flame of the series lead character, Alan Shore (played by James Spader). She appeared in only one scene of the episode "Legal Deficits," when Alan comes to the police station to bail out his new love interest. While dialogue suggests Liz was a prostitute, it is not expressly revealed during the scene.

Season 2 of "Boston Legal" is available on DVD

Sally Martin & Latham Gaines in "Murder in Greenwich" (2002)

Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm) co-starred in this television movie which chronicled the publicized real-life murder of the teenaged Martha Moxley in the 1970's. Sally portrays Martha's friend Charity Foster in the film. She appears in several scenes of the film, alongside Maggie Grace, who plays Moxley. Also appearing is Latham Gaines (Anton Mercer/Mesogog, Dino Thunder) in one scene as a parole officer, who interacts with disgraced detective Mark Fuhrman (played by Christopher Meloni), who looks into the murder of Moxley.

Sally Martin





Latham Gaines



"Murder in Greenwich"
is currently available on DVD

Chris Violette in "My Brother's Keeper" (2004)

Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) made his acting debut in the film "My Brother's Keeper" where he played Student #1. Chris had a very small role and appeared in only two scenes of the film. He, however, did have one speaking line. Given his brief appearance, there aren't many screencaps of him from the film. The film starred "Smallville" recurring actor Aaron Ashmore, whom Chris appears with in both of his scenes.

"My Brother's Keeper" is available on DVD

Phillip Jeanmarie on "Passions" - 2 (2007)

Phillip Jeanmarie (Max, Wild Force) continues his recurring role on the daytime drama, "Passions", playing Vincent a villainous tabloid reporter whose schemes are impacting residents of the town of Harmony. More screencaps from his previous appearances on the show can be found further down on the blog. The following screencaps come from the April 23rd episode of the series.

"Passions" currently airs on NBC

Catherine Sutherland in "The Cell" (2000)

Catherine Sutherland (Kat, MMPR-Turbo) hit the big screen in the film, The Cell, which starred Jennifer Lopez & Vince Vaughn. Sutherland played a pivotal role in the film, but her character doesn't appear alive for more than a minute. Sutherland even appeared fully nude in one scene. However her character is a victim of a deranged serial killer, meaning most of her scenes were quite disturbing. So I caution you that the screencaps are a little on the gross side.

"The Cell" is available on DVD