Friday, October 29, 2010

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Being Erica" (2010)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) began his starring role on the Canadian series "Being Erica," during the second episode of the show's third season earlier this year. McLaren appears as Lenin, a custodian at St. Anne's Hospital in the episode titled "Moving On Up." One of the show's main characters, Samantha Strange (sister of title character Erica), goes to St. Anne's for a job interview when she experiences a string of mishaps including getting lost and discovering blue paint on her shoe. Lenin sees her predicament and comes to her aide, attempting to remove the paint. He fails, but does manage to give her proper directions to her interview. Samantha returns to thank him later in the episode, revealing she got the job as a surgeon. Lenin appears happy that they will run into each other more often. Though Brandon Jay McLaren is credited with the starring cast, he does not appear in every episode.

Season 3 of "Being Erica" is currently airing on CBC (Canada)

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