Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blake Foster in "Casper Meets Wendy" (1998)

Shortly after his stint as Turbo's Blue Ranger, Blake Foster (Justin, Turbo) had a supporting role in the magical kids film, "Casper Meets Wendy." The story follows the friendly ghost as he befriends a young witch named Wendy (played by Hilary Duff), who is in hiding from a man seeking the power she and her aunts have. Foster portrays Josh Jackson, a young man who takes an interest in Wendy, but whose cocky attitude causes Wendy to blow him off a few times. Foster appears in several scenes opposite Hilary Duff.

"Casper Meets Wendy" is available on DVD

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Vernon Wells in "The Shrimp on the Barbie" (1990)

Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) had a starring role in the 1990 romantic comedy "The Shrimp on the Barbie," where he played Bruce, the womanizing fiance of Alex (played by Emma Samms). She schemes to get her father to accept him by recruiting the low-class Carlos (played by Cheech Marin) to become her new love. But, in the process Bruce manages to cheat on her with her best friend.

"The Shrimp on the Barbie" is available on DVD

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Monica May on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" (2006)

The year after her Ranger run, Monica May (Z, SPD) returned to her PR roots on Disney briefly to appear on the popular Disney Channel kids comedy "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" during its second season. May guest stars as Kelly, a movie theater cashier who allows the young twins, Zack & Cody (series stars Cole & Dylan Sprouse) to see a scary movie, despite not having an adult with them. Although she appeared in only one scene, she did have several lines. The episode is appropriately titled "Scary Movie."

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Cerina Vincent on "Felicity" (2001)

Although PR fans remember "Felicity" because it starred Amy Jo Johnson, another former Ranger, Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) also appeared on the college drama during its final season. Vincent guest starred as Denise Jensen, a pretentious contestant in a beauty pageant where she competes against Felicity (played by Keri Russell) for a scholarship in the episode "Miss Conception." Vincent appeared in several scenes opposite Keri Russell and singer Monica (also a guest star). As you can see below, her character's talent is ventriloquism. Despite her bad attitude, Denise comes out victorious, winning the pageant.

Season 4 of "Felicity" is available on DVD

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Karim Prince on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (2001)

Karim Prince (Cestro, MMPR-Zeo) guest starred as one of the Knights of Byzantium during this fifth season episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." During the episode titled "Spiral," Prince leads the knights on a quest to destroy The Key before it can be taken by the demon Glory. Since The Key is embodied by Buffy's sister Dawn, the Knights run into trouble. In the end, they are slaughtered by Glory who escapes with Dawn in tow. Despite his small role, Prince has a few speaking lines and interacts with series star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

* Special thanks to Tom for the screencaps

Season 5 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is available on DVD

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