Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alex Heartman in "Police Guys" (2013) - Short Film

The short film "Police Guys," follows a team of cops as they track down an apparent criminal named Captain Cole, engaging in a series of battle sequences, reminiscent of other action movies. The film draws attention to its many plot holes, including the appearance of Alex Heartman (Jayden, Samurai), who plays himself. When the cops come upon Captain Cole having a chat with Heartman and actor Jonathan Bennett, they wonder who the men are. Cole introduces Alex, mentioning he plays the Red Power Ranger, which impresses the cops. When the fight breaks out between the cops and Cole's thugs, Alex remarks that Nickelodeon didn't train him for that and he makes a quick exit. The fifteen-minute short film can be seen on Youtube.

 photo policeguys-ah1_zpsa64d0c92.jpg  photo policeguys-ah2_zps041b04f6.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah3_zps2257c953.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah4_zps50aabb69.jpg  photo policeguys-ah5_zpsb652b25a.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah6_zps87d94176.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah7_zpsdfcdbda4.jpg  photo policeguys-ah8_zpsa28ed3aa.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah9_zpsdddd5458.jpg
 photo policeguys-ah10_zps5b808fe9.jpg  photo policeguys-ah11_zps5e6bc691.jpg

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