Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Daniel Southworth on "Lab Rats" (2013)

Daniel Southworth's (Eric, Time Force) stunt work on the Disney XD series "Kickin' It" spilled over into an episode of another Disney XD series, "Lab Rats." The series centers around a trio of genetically-enhanced teens, Adam, Chase and Bree, who attempt to save the world, with the help of their creator, Mr. Davenport, and his rambunctious stepson Leo. The second season episode titled "Quaranteened," finds the Lab Rats trying to retrieve evidence of illegally-stored chemicals to prevent them from being dumped in the ocean. In the process, the trio attempts to avoid capture by the guards, one of whom is played by Daniel Southworth. After Bree is contaminated by one of the chemicals, her brothers return to get a sample so Davenport can come up with a cure. When the boys get captured, Davenport disguises himself and attempts to rescue them, only to get caught, leading to a fight with the guards. Though he appears in three scenes, Southworth has no lines in the episode.

 photo labrats-2x4-ds1_zpsdaf29055.jpg  photo labrats-2x4-ds2_zpsb4e99cda.jpg
 photo labrats-2x4-ds3_zpsd50aaac3.jpg
 photo labrats-2x4-ds4_zps449d5058.jpg  photo labrats-2x4-ds5_zps6ac407ce.jpg
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 photo labrats-2x4-ds7_zpsebd5623a.jpg  photo labrats-2x4-ds8_zps8af26e53.jpg
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Season 2 of "Lab Rats" airs on DISNEY XD

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