Saturday, December 7, 2013

Brandon Jay McLaren in "Dead Before Dawn" (2012)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) played a starring role in the Canadian horror comedy, "Dead Before Dawn." The film follows a group of college students who accidentally unleash a curse of their own making after breaking a mystical urn. Though they are warned by the terrified Casper, the group pokes fun at his superstition by claiming a whacky horror scenario will play out, which has anyone they make eye contact with killing themselves, only to return as Zombie/Demon hybrids, Zemons, who give hickeys to their victims, causing the process to begin again in them. Brandon Jay McLaren plays Casper's best friend, Dazzle Darlington, the college quarterback. When the group realizes that their curse is now real, they set out to reverse it before dawn so that they aren't cursed forever. Dazz steps up as a leader during the apocalypse, reminding the group to arm themselves, and coming up with plans to get the curse reversed. In their hunt for items needed for the reversal, Dazz goes off alone and returns with a hickey. The others try their best to prevent him from killing himself and turning into a Zemon, but the force is too strong within him, forcing him to attack a bee hive, despite his deadly allergy. Though Dazz attacks Casper as a Zemon, the curse is reversed in the final moments before dawn, reversing everything, taking the group back to the beginning. Their memories of the night's events, however, remain fully intact. A full zip of McLaren's screencaps is available below.

 photo dbdawn-bjm2_zpsa3143091.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm5_zps6e7ce8dd.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm9_zpsce490b7f.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm10_zpse3ca24f3.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm12_zpsa1e6200b.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm14_zps3defd5d2.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm16_zps52aeb012.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm18_zps20ef5e7d.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm19_zps09459ff5.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm21_zpse91eb515.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm24_zpse9b04d07.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm27_zpsd4eb3744.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm31_zps75ba0267.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm36_zps3bb8fe05.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm38_zps8ec2ba68.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm41_zps44e5d85f.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm43_zpsecf77a6f.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm46_zpsf1d1e6a7.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm50_zps4bc6fe23.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm53_zps6ef9d9a5.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm58_zps8c93e084.jpg
 photo dbdawn-bjm61_zpsf2405178.jpg  photo dbdawn-bjm62_zpsdfe46fcd.jpg

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