Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ciara Hanna on "iCarly" (2012)

The year before she became Yellow Ranger, Ciara Hanna (Gia, Megaforce) appeared on the hit Disney sitcom, "iCarly." Hanna appeared in the sixth season episode titled "iGet Banned," which finds lead character, Carly getting banned from her favorite smoothie place after a rift with her neighbor T-Bo, who runs the place. The episode also finds Carly's pals Freddie and Gibby deciding to form a band after seeing the attention another band gets from pretty girls. Ciara Hanna appears as Dana, a girl who takes an interest in Freddie & Gibby after they form their band. Dana and her gal pal hang out with the boys, getting the attention of the trouble-making Sam, who knows the two aren't talented musicians. Looking to expose their ruse, Sam sets up a gig for the band, putting the boys on the spot. They concoct a plan to break up their band on stage before the performance. Dana is in attendance, cheering the boys on, until their fake fight leads to Freddie getting punched out for real. Despite her lengthy appearance, Ciara Hanna did not have any lines in the episode.

 photo icarly-6x8-ch1_zpsf0dd377b.jpg  photo icarly-6x8-ch2_zps652e0e27.jpg
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