Thursday, April 10, 2008

Michael Chaturantabut in "Little Manhattan" (2005)

Michael Chaturantabut (Chad, Lightspeed) played a small role in the romantic comedy, "Little Manhattan." Unlike most romantic comedies, however, this one focuses on two 11-year-olds living in New York. The film's lead character Gabe finds himself falling for the only girl in his martial arts class. Outside of class, he takes an interest in XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts). The popular style was created by PR alum Michael Chaturantabut, who appears in the film as his alter ego Mike Chat, whom Gabe channels whenever he works on his moves in and out of the dojo. Chaturantabut appears in several scenes of the film.

 photo littlemanhattan-mc1_zps7d924c8d.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc2_zps15ea88fd.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc3_zps46b64030.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc4_zps5bd7ba3e.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc5_zps174e7ec2.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc6_zps1971058d.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc7_zps429c39e3.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc8_zps27b2f388.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc9_zps6db8703a.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc10_zps7ef8d8b9.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc11_zpsb651a0cb.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc12_zps664b6034.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc13_zps5b8ec454.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc14_zpsc580f762.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc15_zpscb5bfee1.jpg 
  photo littlemanhattan-mc16_zps102edba2.jpg  photo littlemanhattan-mc17_zps4807b975.jpg 
 photo littlemanhattan-mc18_zpse0be30c9.jpg

"Little Manhattan" is available on DVD

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Emma Lahana in "Alien Agent" (2008)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) played a starring role in the science fiction film "Alien Agent." Lahana portrays Julie, a young woman who is drawn into a plot by aliens who intend to invade Earth and claim it as their new home. The only person standing in their way is Rykker (played by Mark Dacascos) an alien from the same planet who travels to Earth to prevent his enemies' plans. Rykker saves Julie, who looks for her own revenge after learning that the invaders are responsible for her aunt & uncle's deaths. Lahana appears throughout the film, including several action sequences.

"Alien Agent" is available on DVD

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Philip Andrew on "What I Like About You" (2006)

Philip Andrew (Merrick, Wild Force) made a brief appearance on the hit comedy series "What I Like About You" during it's fourth season. In the episode titled "Your Money or Your Wife," series regulars Holly (played by Amanda Bynes) and Vince (played by Nick Zano) are arguing in the street when they are mugged by Andrew's character. Although his character is unnamed, he does have several lines in the scene. Amanda Bynes previously shared screentime with another former Ranger, Brandon Jay McLaren in "She's the Man."

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David Bacon in "True Friends" (1998)

Former Red Aquitian Ranger David Bacon (Aurico, MMPR-Zeo) made a brief appearance in the independent buddy film "True Friends," which tells the story of three boys who form an unbreakable bond after witnessing a murder in their Bronx neighborhood. They grow up together and help each other through the trials of adulthood. David Bacon appears in a small role as a pool player who plays a high stakes game against a friend of the trio, who are pulled away from watching when they learn one of their own is in trouble. Bacon has a few lines, but appears in the background for most of his screentime, wearing a black and yellow jersey.

"True Friends" is available on DVD

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Hilary Shepard Turner in "Ophelia Learns to Swim" (2000)

Hilary Shepard Turner (Divatox, Turbo-Space) once again played the villain in the obscure 2000 independent film "Ophelia Learns to Swim." In the movie, Turner portrays Virginia Svelte, a chain-smoking woman who is addicted to shopping with her pals in this comedy which takes a different approach to the traditional superhero film. An unsuccessful young woman named Ophelia joins up with several bankrupt superheroines, including Mother Nature and must overcome her fear of water to help battle the evil wealthy villains led by Turner's character. Hilary Shepard Turner appears in most of the film.

"Ophelia Learns to Swim" is available on DVD

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