Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ilia Volok on "Alias" (2003)

Ilia Volok (Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) guest starred on the hit spy drama "Alias," at the beginning of the show's third season. Volok appeared in the second episode of the season titled "Succession," in the role of Ushek San'ko, a Russian member of the militant group known as the Covenant. He leads in the abduction of two CIA scientists, which the Covenant uses to bargain for the release of the villain Sark. Volok's character is at the center of the hostage exchange which gets interrupted, allowing him to take both Sark and the scientist and evade capture. While it's believed that the Covenant wants Sark only to kill him out of revenge, San'ko later reveals that he doesn't blame Sark for the death of his brother. They make a deal of their own. After Sark leads San'ko to a large vault of gold, he finds himself free once more. As for Ushek San'ko, he remains uncaptured.

Season 3 of "Alias" is available on DVD

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