Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emma Lahana on "Hellcats" - 3 (2010)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) continued her recurring role on "Hellcats" in the show's ninth episode titled "Finish What We Started." She reprised her role as Charlotte Monroe, the sister of Savannah (series star Ashley Tisdale) and captain of the rival Cyclones cheerleading squad. Though Savannah has been estranged from her family, she heads home after learning that her roommate, Marti, once slept with Savannah's current boyfriend, Dan, back when the two attended high school together. Savannah finds her family very welcoming and Charlotte soon confides in her sister a major secret. After hearing Savannah is still a virgin, Charlotte breaks down, revealing that she's pregnant. Emma Lahana appears throughout the episode, as Charlotte swears Savannah to secrecy. Knowing her sister's cheerleading hopes may be dashed forever, Savannah steps up to take her place so that the Cyclones can perform at a pivotal event. The sisters concoct a story about how Charlotte has injured her back.

"Hellcats" currently airs on THE CW

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