Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ciara Hanna on "Big Time Rush" (2011)

Current Yellow Ranger actress Ciara Hanna (Gia, Megaforce) is no stranger to Nickelodeon. Before becoming a Ranger, Hanna appeared on the musical comedy "Big Time Rush." Ciara Hanna went uncredited in the second season episode titled "Big Time Strike," which found the boy band deciding to strike after being mistreated while recording for their second album. While on the picket line, BTR members Logan and James discuss their picket signs and the fact that James seems to be advertising his availability, not the reasons behind the strike. James' sign, which includes his phone number, catches the eye of Ciara's unnamed character, as she and a friend walk by on the street. She takes the number and James motions for her to call him. The actress had no lines in her brief appearance. James' fascination with Yellow Rangers didn't end here, as he would later find a love interest in Emma Lahana during the film "Big Time Movie."

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"Big Time Rush" currently airs on Nickelodeon

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