Saturday, April 14, 2012

Emma Lahana in "Big Time Movie" (2012)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) turned in her Ranger yellow for sleek pink leather to team up with the boy band Big Time Rush in their aptly-titled television movie, "Big Time Movie." The film finds the band in London to kick off their world tour, but a case of swapped baggage at the airport leads the boys on the run from villains looking for world domination. Lahana appears throughout the film as Penny Lane, the daughter of a rogue MI6 agent who is captured by the villains who want what was in his bag, now in the hands of Big Time Rush. Penny convinces the boys to join her cause and help rescue her father. Things get even more dangerous when they discover the villainous Sir Atticus Moon intends to first takeover the moon, causing disasters all over the world in the process. They set out to stop him after Penny's father is taken out accidentally by one of the boys. Along the way, Penny fights the attempted flirtations of band member, James but when she needs him to get heroic in the final fight, she kisses him to get her way. Given her major role in the film, a full zip of Emma Lahana's screencaps are available to download below. "Big Time Movie" aired on Nickelodeon, the current home of Power Rangers programming. Despite its London setting, most of the movie was filmed in Canada.

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