Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 6 (2012)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) continued his appearances as part of the stunt team on the martial arts sitcom "Kickin' It." Southworth appeared in the second season episode "We Are Family" last year. The episode finds one of the show's main teens, Jerry (series star Mateo Arias), getting a job working for The Meatball King, as his friends discover that the business owner is extorting other businesses, including their pal Falafel Phil. The Meatball King takes Phil's goat, Tootsie, hostage, leading Jerry and his friends to step in, planning a sting operation to get the goat back. When things go awry and the Meatball King discovers their ruse, he retaliates, launching his henchmen into action. Daniel Southworth appears as one of those henchmen. He faces off against Kim (series star Olivia Holt) and is taken down, despite their size difference.

 photo kickinit-2x3-ds1_zps599b8add.jpg  photo kickinit-2x3-ds2_zpsce4f6474.jpg
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