Monday, February 27, 2012

Daniel Southworth in "U.S. Seals 2" (2001)

2001 was a big year for Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force). Not only did he make his PR debut on Power Rangers: Time Force that year, but he also appeared in the direct-to-video action sequel "U.S. Seals 2." The film follows the clash between two former martial arts students and U.S. SEALs who become enemies when one of them turns against the fight for good and seeks to ransom innocent lives with a nuclear weapon, if the government doesn't give him the money he wants. The SEALs send in his retired comrade, Casey Sheppard (played by Michael Worth), with a team of martial arts specialists to stop him, given the highly volatile chemicals at work that prevent use of automatic weapons. Daniel Southworth plays Finley, a member of Casey's team who happens to also be a convict, who has reformed himself through religion. Finley fights alongside Casey's team, but is neutralized when his ankle gets caught in a booby trap. He continues to fight but is ultimately killed. Before the bloodshed gets started, he hands off his sacred cross to Casey, hoping he'll give it to his son with positive memories of his father. A full zip of Daniel Southworth's screencaps are available to download below. For fans looking for something more recent featuring Daniel, you can catch him making a brief appearance in the military film, "Act of Valor," which is currently in theaters nationwide.

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