Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chris Violette in "How to Make Love to a Woman" (2010)

"How to Make Love to a Woman" is a romantic comedy that follows a record executive, Andy (played by Josh Meyers), as he navigates the troubles in his relationship after a disappointing night in bed with his girlfriend, Lauren. Former Blue Ranger, Chris Violette (Sky, SPD), appears very briefly in the film as a gas station attendant, whom Andy begins to consult about his sexual problems. Before Chris's character can say much, adult film star Jenna Jameson shows up at the gas station, drawing Andy's attention to her for advice. Though Chris appears directly on-camera for only a few seconds, he appears in the background throughout the scene. "How to Make Love to a Woman" was executive produced by Greg Aronowitz, who also produced Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta, with Violette.

"How to Make Love to a Woman" is available on DVD

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