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Ria Vandervis on "Packed to the Rafters" (2009)

Overdrive villainess Ria Vandervis (Miratrix, Overdrive) began a multi-episode stint on the Australian drama "Packed to the Rafters" in the second season episode titled "Glittering Prizes." Vandervis appears as Layla, a big shot in the music industry that Nathan Rafter meets at an industry party. Layla convinces the career Realtor to use his sales skills to join her team of music promoters, signaling a new start to his life. Nathan isn't so sure about leaving behind his safe career for something with no real guarantees but after discussing it with his wife and listening to more of Layla's promotional skills, Nathan decides to make the career change, surprising his family but not Layla, who clearly has great interest in Nathan's future. Given her prominent role in this episode, a full zip of Vandervis' screencaps is available to download below. Ria Vandervis is the second PR actress featured on the blog for appearing on "Packed to the Rafters." Melanie Vallejo was the first.

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James Gaylyn & Joel Tobeck on "Young Hercules" (1999)

James Gaylyn (Colonel Truman, RPM) appeared on "Young Hercules" in the episode titled "Con Ares." The episode finds young Hercules and his comrades Iolaus and Jason on their way to important peace talks between the leaders of Thebes and Sparta who have been at war for decades, thanks to their allegiance to the god Ares, who happens to be Hercules' half-brother. Gaylyn appears as the leader of the Theban army who is not willing to budge on his point of view in the talks. He appears early in the episode and again at the end, when the war is resolved thanks to an Ares lookalike that Hercules discovers. The villainous Ares himself sends two of his godly relatives, Stryfe and Discord to stop Hercules & Jason from getting to the peace talks. The heroes use their double of Ares to keep the duo distracted while Jason gets to the peace talks. Ninja Storm voice actor Joel Tobeck (voice of Slob Goblin & Footzilla, Ninja Storm) reprises his role as Stryfe which he has played on episodes of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." Since the gods do not age, he portrays Stryfe here despite this series taking place a decade before those two shows.

James Gaylyn

Joel Tobeck

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Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 12 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" into the sixth season episode "Secrets and Lies," which has her character Fiona at the forefront. On the eve of her wedding to Alex Ryan, Fiona falls off a horse. While she isn't injured, her soon-to-be husband Alex panics and tells everyone about Fiona's pregnancy. He demands she see a doctor to make sure the baby is okay. He gets his best friend (and Fiona's rival) Stevie to take her to the appointment. Afraid that her lie about the pregnancy will be discovered, Fiona sneaks out of the hospital before being examined. When Stevie confides in her about her own past pregnancy, she begins to realize that Fiona may be lying. She confronts Fiona, warning that if she doesn't tell Alex the truth then Stevie will. Sensing her world crashing around her, Fiona makes another big decision. She gets Alex to the altar before Stevie can reveal the truth. Fiona then warns Stevie that if she tells Alex about the false pregnancy, she'll make sure that Stevie loses Alex as well. Given her major role, a full zip of Langstone's screencaps are available below.

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Archie Kao on "Century City" (2004)

Former Blue Ranger Archie Kao (Kai, Lost Galaxy) made a small guest appearance on the short-lived drama "Century City." The futuristic legal drama centered on a group of lawyers practicing cases in the year 2030. Kao appeared in the show's second episode titled "To Know Her," which finds two of the lawyers taking on the case of a woman who was raped virtually by a man who infected her husband with nanotechnology that allowed him to experience everything her husband did, including romancing his wife. Kao appears in one scene of the episode playing an unnamed bartender who assists lawyer Lee Bristol when she comes to find video footage of the husband's interaction with the rapist at the bar where he spike the man's drink with the nanotechnology. The video turns out to be a vital piece of evidence in their case.

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