Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adelaide Kane on "Neighbours" - 8 (2007)

Adelaide Kane's (Tenaya, RPM) role as Louise "Lolly" Allen continued in Episode #5214 of "Neighbours." In the episode, titled "Fools of Engagement," her character finds herself in an uncomfortable position, playing Spin-the-Bottle with her friends. When she takes her turn and is required to kiss her friend Ringo, it causes some tension with his girlfriend Rachel. Later, Lolly finds Rachel's brother (& Lolly's future love interest) Zeke also openly annoyed with her and assumes he might be jealous. Zeke, however, reveals that he's only upset because Lolly didn't side with him in his conflict with their teacher who has been flirting with Zeke's mother. Lolly tries to make him understand how gossip and pranks aren't the way to go about dealing with the problem, but Zeke isn't keen to listen.

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