Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Falling Skies" - 4 (2012)

Brandon Jay McLaren's (Jack, SPD) sixth appearance on "Falling Skies" would be his last. The seventh episode of the second season, titled "Molon Labe," finds the 2nd Mass' hospital stronghold under attack after lead character, Tom Mason (series star Noah Wyle) takes one of the aliens hostage. McLaren's character, Jamil Dexter, loses sight of his girlfriend Lourdes, and when the group learns that she and Tom's girlfriend, Dr. Glass may have gotten cut off in the basement with Tom's young son, Matt, Jamil sets out to locate them. Unfortunately, when he comes across the trio, it's Jamil who needs help, as he's critically injured. Jamil dies in Lourdes' arms. Jamil's death serves to introduce a new weapon in the aliens' army, as small parasitic creatures destroy Jamil from within and then exit, looking to attack more targets. Brandon Jay McLaren appeared in three scenes of the episode.


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