Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adam Tuominen on "Underbelly: Razor" - 2 (2011)

Adam Tuominen (Hunter, Ninja Storm) continued his role on "Underbelly: Razor" in the third episode, titled "Cat Amongst the Pigeons." His character, Razor Jack, continues to strike terror with the use of razor blades. The gang's leader, Norman Bruhn (guest star Jeremy Lindsay Taylor), seeks to destroy his enemies through intimidation. Things get out of hand though, as Norman's enemies begin to grow in number. Jack uses his skills with explosives to help the group send a message, but when their enemies strike back with their fists, Norman & Jack are left embarrassed, causing Norman to step up their plans. In the end, though, it's Norman who becomes the victim, as he's shot to death, leaving the fate of the gang in question. Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force), who stars on the series, did not appear in this episode. Tuominen's co-star Jeremy Lindsay Taylor previously starred on "Sea Patrol," alongside Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Jungle Fury).


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