Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ria Vandervis & Tom Hern on "Harry" (2013)

Former Power Rangers villainess Ria Vandervis (Miratrix, Overdrive) found herself on the other side of the law for her role as Detective Christie Mills on the New Zealand cop drama "Harry." The series follows the psychological journey of detective Harry Anglesea as he seeks to bring down a major drug ring, while trying to balance life as a single father. Vandervis' character is a loyal member of Harry's team. In the six-part series' finale titled "God Bless Brutus," the detectives get closer to breaking their case wide open and apprehending the mastermind they're after. Mills and a fellow detective, Moss, are out providing surveillance when Harry orders them to pull over one of the drug runners, who pulls his gun as Moss gets close to his window. Moss is critically wounded. Mills springs into action, shooting and killing the perp, before calling in her partner's injury. Later, Mills checks in with Harry who is also reeling from his daughter's disappearance. When Mills mentions a photo of the girl on Harry's desk, it gives him an idea of where to find the missing girl. Dino Thunder alum, Tom Hern (Devin, Dino Thunder) also appears in a few scenes of the finale, as Eugene, a talented drug chemist, who uses his skills to cook up crystal meth for the gang that the detectives are looking to catch. The police descend upon the lab, arresting the criminals, and Eugene as well.

Ria Vandervis

 photo harry-1x6-rv1_zps9ea7a2d2.jpg  photo harry-1x6-rv2_zps94522ae3.jpg
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Tom Hern

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