Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alex Borstein on "Shameless" (2011)

Based on the UK drama of the same name, "Shameless" follows the trials and tribulations of the Gallagher family, led by father Frank (series star William H. Macy) who struggles to maintain his family of six children after the abandonment of their mother. Zeo voice actress, Alex Borstein (voice of Queen Machina, Zeo) made a brief guest appearance in the series' ninth episode, titled "But at Last Came a Knock," which features the return of the kids' mother, Monica. Borstein appears in the episode as Lou Deckner, Frank's lawyer. When she tells him about a major settlement on one of his many court claims, Lou also mentions that he'll have to sign the legal papers in person at the court house, with his ex, Monica, leading Frank to trick Monica back into their lives, with disastrous consequences. Borstein appeared in only one scene. This isn't the actress's only connection to the series, as she is also a Consulting Producer on "Shameless." Alex Borstein also wrote the teleplay for this episode.

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