Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reggie Rolle in "Buds for Life" (2004)

Former Green Ranger Reggie Rolle (Damon, Lost Galaxy) appeared in the 2004 indie flick "Buds for Life." The film chronicles the lives of four best friends living in New York City. Rolle appears in several scenes as Reggie, a member of a small Natalie Portman fanclub created by one of the friends nicknamed "Weed" because of his favorite smoking hobby. Weed is in love with Natalie Portman and convenes his club to try to win a ticket to attend one of her movie premieres. Rolle has few lines and his character is not referred to by name in the film itself. Weed later learns that his trio of comrades aren't that into Natalie Portman or smoking weed at all. They just like to hang out with Weed because he's the best Dungeons & Dragons player they have and there's a competition coming up.

"Buds for Life" is available on DVD

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Nicholas Bell & Aaron James Murphy in "Noise" (2007)

Nicholas Bell (Zordon, MMPR: The Movie) played a supporting role in the Australian crime thriller "Noise." Busy listening to music, a young woman boards a commuter train and is minding her own business until she realizes that someone has massacred all of the other passengers in the train car. She goes from suspect to the top of the killer's hit list after her interaction with the man on the train. Bell appears as Senior Detective Noel Birchall, who is in charge of the case. He questions her story of facing the killer on the train, especially since he didn't bother to kill her. When they learn the photo she was carrying of herself (with her name on it) was stolen from the train, they realize the killer may come after her for talking to the police. Bell appears throughout the film. Aaron James Murphy (Sam, SPD) has a virtual cameo in the movie, as one of the murdered train passengers. He appears in only one scene and has no lines.

Nicholas Bell

Aaron James Murphy

"Noise" is available on DVD

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Michael Copon on "One Tree Hill" - 11 (2005)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) reprised his role as Felix Taggaro on "One Tree Hill" in the fifteenth episode of Season 2 titled "Unopened Letter to the World." Felix & his sister return from a vacation and Felix finds his girlfriend Brooke (series regular Sophia Bush) once again in the company of her ex, Lucas (series star Chad Michael Murray) who has just given her a gift for winning the student council presidency. Felix looks to top Lucas' small gift with a major party to help Brooke really celebrate. But as the festivities kick off, Brooke finds herself growing more uncomfortable with Felix's grand gestures, especially in the wake of learning her family will be moving away soon. He promises to tone down his behavior but with only one episode left for his character, Felix will have little time to reform.

Season 2 of "One Tree Hill" is available on DVD

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Jason Smith on "Home and Away" - 9 (2006)

On October 10, 2006, Jason Smith's (Casey, Jungle Fury) tenure on "Home and Away" came to an end. He made his final appearance as a fulltime cast member in Episode #4292. His character Robbie Hunter finds himself fully exonerated of charges stemming from removing his grandfather from life support and his wife Tasha has news of her own. They have an offer to move to the United States, where Robbie would love to attend college. The problem is, they have to be there in a week to meet his application deadlines. Robbie & Tasha's family and friends all come together to make the quick trip happen for the couple and their baby daughter. Most of Smith's scenes in this episode revolve around him saying his goodbyes to his family. Robbie & Tasha's final scene in Summer Bay ends with them holding their daughter and looking out over the water.

"Home and Away" currently airs on Seven Network (Australia)

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Ron Roggé on "Dexter" (2007)

Power Ranger parent/mentor Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) made a brief guest appearance on the hit drama series "Dexter" during the show's second season premiere titled "It's Alive!" Roggé was credited as Blue-Collar Guy and appeared in one scene opposite series stars Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz. Roggé's character seems to recognize Dexter's sister Deborah (played by Carpenter) in a bar. She is in the process of getting over almost being killed by her serial killing fiancé and believes that the man is trying to grab her. Roggé gets assaulted by the police officer who appears to break his nose.

Season 2 of "Dexter" is available on DVD

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