Friday, June 7, 2013

Brandon Jay McLaren & Ilia Volok on "Graceland" (2013)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) stars in the new USA Network drama, "Graceland." The series follows a group of undercover agents representing the FBI, DEA and Customs all living together in a beach house as they work their cases. McLaren stars as Dale Jakes, an agent with Customs. He's first seen doing some undercover work with a bird smuggling operation in California. He later encounters the Graceland team's newest addition, Mike Warren, who manages to get on Dale's bad side by eating his food. The two later make amends and get acquainted. McLaren is joined in the first episode by guest star Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) who plays Ludwig Yaponchik, a member of a group of Russian criminals. Mike is sent undercover to play along with the Russians' scheme in order to free a captive family. After convincing the Russians that he'll do anything to get the captives back, Ludwig sets him up to kill another undercover cop. Mike pulls off the ruse, but soon learns the Russians plan to kill him after he succeeds in carrying out their orders. His new teammate, Paul Briggs, steps in to save him, shooting the Russians dead.

Brandon Jay McLaren

 photo graceland-1x1-bjm1_zps3fe8230f.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-bjm2_zps40ae0402.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm3_zpscd8b131d.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm4_zpsd9e9e26b.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-bjm5_zps2f06aff8.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm6_zpsadad9a56.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm7_zpsdeb870ff.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-bjm8_zps19959efb.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm9_zps5fd312fa.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm10_zps5342f2ad.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-bjm11_zps4bef817a.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm12_zpsc1adf678.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm13_zps6ec98f2e.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-bjm14_zps75283926.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-bjm15_zps6502dd5e.jpg

Ilia Volok

 photo graceland-1x1-iv1_zpsca8d17a8.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-iv2_zpsca30d064.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv3_zps6abd1a8f.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv4_zps0426ea15.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-iv5_zpsdf1574de.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv6_zpsd19e65d6.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv7_zpsa743b2bb.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-iv8_zps7c496810.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv9_zpsacea448c.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv10_zps943e83c5.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-iv11_zps89005e82.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv12_zpsf8f127ad.jpg
 photo graceland-1x1-iv13_zpsf9402ff5.jpg  photo graceland-1x1-iv14_zps17a3f564.jpg

"Graceland" currently airs on USA Network

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