Saturday, May 10, 2014

David de Lautour on "HelLA" - Web Short (2014)

"HelLA" is a series of comedy shorts from creator/director/producer Rory Uphold, as she brings attention to some of the outrageous happenings encountered in the city of Los Angeles. The eleventh short, titled "LA Coffee Shops" features David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury). Rory heads into a coffee shop with a bodily emergency and needs to use the restroom. She waits in agony in line for the bathroom key, hampered by the line of customers in front of her who all have their particular quirks. David de Lautour is credited as 'Indecisive Guy,' as he reaches the front of the line only to find himself unable to decide what to order from the coffee shop, further infuriating the waiting Rory. The web short runs for just under a minute and a half and can be seen on Youtube. The short also features actress Fleur Saville as one of the other annoying customers. Saville starred on the New Zealand teen series "Being Eve" with David de Lautour, which has been featured on the blog.

 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd1_zps85b97762.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd2_zps19ccbce9.jpg  photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd3_zpsed2eba9a.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd4_zps20c10eb4.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd5_zpsdcf6b69a.jpg  photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd6_zpse98877ef.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd7_zps86860d39.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd8_zps1f619c0e.jpg  photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd9_zps36cf6bf7.jpg
 photo helLa-coffeeshops-dd10_zpsb0f0f2ff.jpg

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