Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adelaide Kane on "Neighbours" - 6 (2007)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) continued her role on "Neighbours" in Episode #5204 of the Aussie soap. Kane appeared as Lolly Allen in the episode titled "Heart Rubbish Collection," where she found herself torn after seeing Tom & Susan share a kiss. Lolly is friends with Susan's kids, Rachel & Zeke and wonders if she should tell them. When she does reveal the truth, she finds herself ostracized because no one believes her. After speaking with his mother, Zeke feels better about his parents' marital problems but finds Lolly still feeling down. She apologizes but promises him that she's telling the truth. Zeke is happy to forgive her. When Lolly sees his affections for another girl have been spurned, she gives him a kiss on the cheek which makes him feel better as well. As we've seen on the blog, the two would later become romantically involved.

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