Sunday, June 12, 2011

Steven Skyler on "Glee" (2010)

Steven Skyler (Antonio, Samurai) appeared as an extra on the hit musical comedy "Glee," during the show's second season. Skyler appeared in the episode "Never Been Kissed," where glee club member, Kurt, infiltrates Dalton Academy to get a look at his club's competition for their upcoming Sectionals. Kurt is fascinated to learn that the Dalton Academy glee club, named The Warblers, are quite popular, unlike his own school's club. Kurt becomes an audience for The Warblers, as they perform Katy Perry's hit song, "Teenage Dream." Despite his minor part as a member of the Warblers, Steven Skyler gets ample screentime, as he is positioned just behind guest star Darren Criss, who performs the lead. Skyler appeared in only one scene of the episode and did not have a speaking part, outside of the lip sync performance. Steven Skyler is no stranger to music, as he is a musician himself.

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