Thursday, October 11, 2012

Felix Ryan in "Freak Dance" (2010)

Felix Ryan (Spike, Samurai) made a brief appearance in the musical parody, "Freak Dance." Filmed in 2010, the movie parody follows a rich ballerina, Cocolonia, who yearns to be a real dancer. She soon finds herself caught between two rival dance crews, set to do battle. Felix Ryan is credited as Patch Adams. A parody of Robin Williams' character of the same name, Patch Adams is a doctor at the hospital in the film's opening music number, which finds the film's heroes dancing their way into a hospital in an effort to see a member of their group who is under a doctor's care there. Their magical dance skills begin to influence the staff and patients at the hospital, causing them all to begin dancing. Ryan's character later becomes a victim of the wild moves of the dance crew, which lead to him getting knocked out.


"Freak Dance" is available on DVD

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