Friday, November 7, 2008

Monica May & Kelson Henderson in "Battle Planet" (2008)

Monica May (Z, SPD) stars in the recent science fiction film "Battle Planet," which was written & directed by Greg Aronowitz, the executive producer of Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta. May plays the film's leading alien lady Jun'Hee. "Battle Planet" centers around future Special Forces Captain Jordan Strider (played by Zack Ward), who is sent to a supposedly uninhabited planet on a top-secret mission in a special suit that he can't remove. After arriving, he discovers Jun'Hee and the fact that the planet isn't so empty after all. Jun'Hee provides Jordan with the answers that his superior officers won't give and this leads them on the run from his own friends and comrades, who seek to eliminate both of them. May appears in most of the film, under heavy alien make-up. Her SPD co-star Kelson Henderson (Boom, SPD) also appears in the film, playing a colonel in command of the ship that is sent to retrieve Jordan Strider. Henderson appears in three scenes.

Monica May

Kelson Henderson

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Gabrielle Fitzpatrick in "Mr. Nice Guy" (1997)

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea, MMPR: The Movie) played a starring role in the 1997 Jackie Chan action film "Mr. Nice Guy." In the film Fitzpatrick plays Diana, a news reporter who films a drug bust gone wrong and finds herself being chased by gangs, looking to retrieve her video tape. When she bumps into Jackie, a popular television chef, he comes to her rescue and the tape switches hands, without either of them knowing. Jackie spends the rest of the film protecting Diana, plus his girlfriend and his producer who all get drawn into the trouble when Diana and the gangs come looking for the tape. As you can see from the screencaps, like most Jackie Chan films, this one mixes in humor with the action.

"Mr. Nice Guy" is available on DVD

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Keith Robinson on "Over There" - 10 (2005)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) continued his starring role on the war drama "Over There" into its tenth episode titled "Suicide Rain." The episode focuses heavily on Robinson's character Private Avery "Angel" King, when he is thrust into a hostage situation with an Iraqi man who demands that he give medical attention to his young son who is injured in the war zone. Angel is ordered to save the boy or be killed, along with an unstable corporal who is with him. When Angel is unable to save the boy's life, the situation spirals out of control with his teammates rushing in to save the day and leaving Angel as the only man to emerge from the tense standoff alive. Given his major role in the episode, a full zip of Robinson's screencaps is available for download.

Click Here to Download All 28 Screencaps
"Over There" is available on DVD

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David de Lautour, Craig Parker & Andrew Robertt on "Legend of the Seeker" (2008)

The new syndicated series "Legend of the Seeker" is filmed in New Zealand so it's no surprise that former PR faces are popping up on the series, even from the start. The show focuses on Richard Cypher a young man who discovers that he is the legendary Seeker, a swordsman who is destined to fight against evil. David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) appears as Richard's adopted brother, Michael, the councilor of their province who is swayed by the evil forces and believes Richard is responsible for the death of their father. Michael commits his forces to find and capture his brother, whom he believes is being controlled by a witch. He appears throughout the episode in a recurring role. Also recurring on the series is PR voice actor Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm) who plays the show's main villain Darken Rahl, the evil that the Seeker is prophecized to face and destroy. Parker appears in only two scenes of the first episode, titled "Prophecy." Another PR voice actor also appears. Andrew Robertt (voice of Morticon, Mystic Force) guest stars as Ranssyn Fane, the commander of Rahl's troops that seeks to destroy the Seeker and capture the mythic Book of Counted Shadows. Fans is the main enemy facing Richard in the first episode. All three actors would continue their roles into the series' second episode. Veteran PR director Mark Beesley directed this episode.

David de Lautour

Craig Parker

Andrew Robertt

"Legend of the Seeker" is currently airing
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