Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chris Violette on "Transporter: The Series" (2012)

Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) guest starred on the cable action drama, "Transporter: The Series." Adapted from the film franchise starring Jason Statham, the series follow Statham's character, Frank Martin (played by Chris Vance), an ex-Special Forces agent, now specialized in transporting goods, including individuals, to their destinations safely. Violette appeared in the second episode, titled "Payback," which finds Frank being targeted by Jimmy Reeves, a former friend and teammate from his days in the army, where he was a member of an elite SAS unit. Violette appears in several flashbacks to that time, playing Dave, another member of their unit. When the group sets out to rescue a very important captive, things go awry and their enemies are tipped off, leading to an ambush. In the melee, Jimmy is captured and it's mentioned that Dave has been killed. Later in the episode, it's revealed that a fourth member of the team was the culprit behind the attack and killed Dave when he noticed him signaling the ambush. Chris Violette also appeared on "Nikita," a remake of a series also based on a movie. His SPD co-star, Brandon Jay McLaren appeared on "Blade: The Series," another series adapted from a film. All three series are/were filmed in Canada.


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