Saturday, October 26, 2013

Commercial - Azim Rizk for "Best Buy"

Current Black Ranger, Azim Rizk (Jake, Megaforce), can be seen in commercials currently airing for "Best Buy." The commercial focuses on the new Beats Blue Studio headphone system. Backed by music from Lady Gaga, the advertisement finds Rizk playing a Best Buy employee, talking to NBA player John Wall, of the Washington Wizards, as he checks out the new Beats system. Seeing Wall enjoy the music, Rizk's character attempts to dance along with him, only to receive a disappointing look from Wall for his effort. The full 30-minute commercial can be seen on Youtube.

 photo cm-bbuy-ar1_zpsa31ea826.jpg  photo cm-bbuy-ar2_zps0d63047d.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar3_zpsbc3ca571.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar4_zps0f1cb317.jpg  photo cm-bbuy-ar5_zpsec9acae5.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar6_zps318e9edb.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar7_zps0d23143c.jpg  photo cm-bbuy-ar8_zps1e76e36f.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar9_zps839b578e.jpg
 photo cm-bbuy-ar10_zpse1699cf1.jpg  photo cm-bbuy-ar11_zps3efe6556.jpg

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