Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Erin Cahill on "Sleepy Hollow" (2013)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) recently guest starred on the hit FOX drama "Sleepy Hollow." Though the ninth episode was the show's Thanksgiving-themed episode, it played out more like a Halloween horror show. The episode, titled "Sanctuary," featured Cahill as billionaire socialite and philanthropist, Lena Gilbert, who arrives in Sleepy Hollow after purchasing her family home that dates back to the time of her ancestor, Lachlan Fredericks, who used the home as a sanctuary for freed slaves to escape persecution. When her case is given to Lt. Abbie Mills and the re-awakened Ichabod Crane, they travel to the home which Crane recognizes from his visits to Fredericks during the colonial era. Inside, they discover that Lena has been trapped by a dormant spirit that is awakened, unleashing terror on Lena, Abbie & Crane who all become trapped inside. As they try to evade the evil inside, Crane learns more about his past and the sorcery that existed in the home. He is even more shocked to learn that his wife gave birth to his son in the house, a child he never knew existed. In the end, Crane & Abbie escape, along with Lena. A full zip of Erin Cahill's screencaps from the episode is available to download below.

 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec1_zps8542e63d.jpg  photo sleepyh-1x9-ec5_zpsfcfb4d07.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec9_zps4cb36197.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec11_zps8c8668ef.jpg  photo sleepyh-1x9-ec15_zps63c0fefb.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec18_zpsdc97f204.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec21_zps8a5ab8ce.jpg  photo sleepyh-1x9-ec23_zps82bdfca4.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec26_zpsb3c42f2d.jpg
 photo sleepyh-1x9-ec28_zpse9699810.jpg  photo sleepyh-1x9-ec29_zps6328fe80.jpg

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