Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hector David Jr. in "#1 Cheerleader Camp" (2010)

The newest Green Ranger, Hector David Jr. (Mike, Samurai), played a small part in the cheerleader comedy "#1 Cheerleader Camp." While Hector had no lines in his role as Zan, he played an important role in the film's plot. The film follows two cheerleading squads who use their Summer camp to train for a big competition. It's the Beavers vs. the Cheetahs at cheerleader camp and when bad girl Cheetah, Britt, decides to make a power play, she recruits the Beavers' best cheerleader and it's two most talented guys to defect to the Cheetahs. Hector David Jr.'s character, Zan, is one of those guys. Without Zan and his counterpart Zach, the Beavers are crippled as a team with no one who can execute their routine's difficult flips and lifts. Hector David Jr. appears in several scenes of the film, mostly in practice sessions where he performs his own flipping stunts.

"#1 Cheerleader Camp" is available on DVD

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