Friday, February 22, 2013

John Tui in "Battleship" (2012)

John Tui (Doggie Cruger, SPD; Daggeron, Mystic Force) played a major supporting role in the action epic "Battleship." Tui starred as Chief Petty Officer Walter Lynch, a crewman aboard the USS John Paul Jones, a navy battleship that must contend with alien invasion forces, who attack Earth via the ocean during international training exercises, which force rookie lieutenant, Alex Hopper (played by Taylor Kitsch), to overcome his bad reputation and take command to combat the alien armada. Tui's character, nicknamed 'The Beast,' is a friend of Hopper and when he accompanies him and weapons specialist Raikes (played by Rihanna) to make explore the odd ships in the water, the trio watches helplessly as their fleet is practically crippled. Beast helps Hopper pull himself together after the death of his officer brother so that he can assume command. John Tui appears throughout the film, as Beast works in the engine room about the John Paul Jones, when the aliens infiltrate the ship, attempting to disable it. Beast tries to stop the creature, but is pummeled in return. Beast survives the ordeal, helping Hopper mount a final assault after the John Paul Jones is destroyed. They take command of a retired navy battleship, and with the help of its retired vets put the ship back into service long enough to make a difference in the battle. In the end, Beast, along with his comrades, are awarded for their courage in the face of the alien threat. A full zip of John Tui's screencaps are available to download below.


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