Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nathaniel Lees, John Tui & Gina Varela in "Sione's Wedding" (2006)

Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao, Jungle Fury) played a supporting role in the 2006 romantic comedy "Sione's Wedding." The film follows the romantic pitfalls of a group of Samoan thirtysomethings who manage to ruin any wedding they attend, so their minister bans them from attending the next without finding real dates. Lees portrays that Minister and appears in several scenes. He shows the bumbling quartet video footage of all their misdeeds. John Tui (Doggie Cruger, SPD; Daggeron, Mystic Force) appears briefly on video as Tavita, a groom who finds his ceremony ruined when he and his new bride leave the church only to find one of the troublemakers having sex in his limo. That bad boy, Michael, is portryaed by Ninja Storm guest star Robbie Magasiva. He later appears opposite SPD's A-Squad Red Ranger Gina Varela (Charlie, SPD) who plays one of his random hookups who refuses to attend his brother's wedding with him. Pua Magasiva (who plays Sione) & Kelson Henderson also appear in the film. Their screencaps, along with Robbie Magasiva's, can be found in the first "Sione's Wedding" post.

Nathaniel Lees

John Tui

Gina Varela

"Sione's Wedding" is available on DVD in the U.S. under the title "Samoan Wedding"

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