Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rhoda Montemayor on "Trinity" (2009)

Former Pink Ranger Rhoda Montemayor (Rose, Overdrive) guest starred on the short-lived UK series "Trinity," which followed the lives of students at a posh university, holding dark secrets within its walls. These secrets are threatened after the school opens its doors to lower class students, including Raj & Angus. In the seventh episode, the duo goes looking for dates to the school's ball. They go door-to-door, hoping to find girls that would be willing to go with them. They face major rejection, until they knock on the door belonging to a duo of Korean students, who don't speak much English. Rhoda Montemayor portrays one of the girls, who are excited when the boys bring up the ball, but when they arrive to escort them, they see the girls wearing tennis gear, having assumed they were talking about playing the sport. The quartet goes to the ball together anyway, and when Angus tries to impress them by insulting Taj, his friend gets left out of the fun. The Korean girls invite Angus back to their room where things get steamy, but Taj is left behind. A full zip of Montemayor's screencaps is available to download below.


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