Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paul Freeman on "ER" - 2 (2001)

Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze, MMPR: The Movie) returned to "ER" during the show's seventh season. Freeman reprised his role as Dr. Charles Corday, the father of E.R. doc, Elizabeth Corday, who is all prepared for her wedding day, despite her advanced pregnancy and a torrential downpour of rain, that brings everything in Chicago to a halt, leading her to believe that things may not work out the way she dreamed in the episode "April Showers." At first, she believes that her father won't make it, but when she arrives at the church with her mother, she is pleasantly surprised to find him there waiting. She has a brief reunion with her estranged parents, while waiting for her groom, Dr. Mark Greene (series star Anthony Edwards) who is faced with a series of obstacles, including his towed van, a missing wallet, a traffic jam and a woman in labor that he must overcome in order to get to the wedding. In the end, Charles walks his daughter down the aisle happily, allowing Corday & Greene to be married. This was Freeman's second appearance (of three) on the medical drama and the 10th "ER" post on the blog.

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