Sunday, February 3, 2008

Erin Cahill on "Supernatural" (2008)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) guest starred on the horror drama "Supernatural," in its third season episode titled "Malleus Maleficarum." Cahill portrayed Elizabeth, a suburban housewife who practices witchcraft with her friends in bookclub, unaware that they are actually willing their souls to a demon. When one of their friends ends up dead, the Winchester brothers arrive to question them. Elizabeth seems to show genuine remorse and ends up helping to destroy the demon. Cahill appears in several scenes opposite series regulars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Katie Cassidy. Erin Cahill is the third PR actress featured on the blog from "Supernatural" after the previously posted Emma Lahana and Alycia Purrott.

Season 3 of "Supernatural" currently airs on The CW

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Sally Martin & Holly Shanahan on "Welcome to Paradise" - 6 (2007)

Episode 6 of "Welcome to Paradise" finds Sasha, played by Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm), befriending the stepmother of her nemesis Jon. The rest of the gang soon discovers the strange similarities between Sasha and Jon's stepmother, which brings back bad memories of his childhood. It's eventually revealed that Jon had a crush on his stepmother, which may be responsible for his adversarial relationship with Sasha. Holly Shanahan (Leelee, Mystic Force) continues in her role as Lucy. In this episode Lucy tries to help the hostel manager, Alex get over his romantic woes which cause him to refuse to work, leading to mishaps around the hostel.

Sally Martin

Holly Shanahan

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Emma Lahana on "Stargate: Atlantis" (2008)

Former Yellow Ranger, Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) had a major guest-starring role on the SciFi Channel drama series "Stargate: Atlantis." Lahana appeared in several scenes as Ava Dixon, a young woman who contacts Atlantis Colonel John Sheppard when she learns that her boss's creation, a humanoid nanite Replicator has been unleashed on Earth. Ava assists Sheppard & his crew in finding the Replicator. In the process, it's revealed that Ava herself is also a Replicator. Despite her programming she helps stop the rampaging machine.

Season 4 of "Stargate: Atlantis" currently airs on SciFi Channel

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Aloma Wright on "Scrubs" (2005)

Power Rangers In Space
recurring star Aloma Wright (Adelle, Space) currently has a recurring role on the long-running medical comedy "Scrubs." Wright portrays Nurse Laverne Roberts, a wise-cracking staffer who often gets involved in the antics of the series' main characters. In the fourth season episode "My Boss's Free Haircut," Laverne deals with Chief of Staff, Dr. Bob Kelso's (series regular Ken Jenkins) urge to return to practicing medicine in the hospital, only to find himself berated by an obese patient, who uses modern technology to make her own diagnosis. Wright has appeared in over 75 episodes of "Scrubs."

Season 4 of "Scrubs" is available on DVD

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