Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commerical - Nakia Burrise for "State Farm"

Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) added to her commercial resume with a role in a recent State Farm Insurance commercial. The advertisement features Burrise as a mother getting information on the insurance, when a mime interrupts, telling her how much he enjoys his State Farm Insurance. At that point, her character's young son chimes in, remarking about how strange it is for a mime to be talking, bringing up the irony of the toddler unexpectedly speaking, which catches both Burrise and her State Farm agent off-guard. Nakia Burrise appears throughout the thirty-second advertisement. You can view the official commerical on Youtube.

 photo cm-statefarm-nb1_zpsd3c5e585.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb2_zpsef8894d0.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb3_zps4058006b.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb4_zpsb0d009f5.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb5_zps9600275c.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb6_zps4d721cb4.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb7_zpsfb61516f.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb8_zpsfe80bab9.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb9_zps6beb1af7.jpg

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