Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hilary Shepard Turner in "Troop Beverly Hills" (1989)

Hilary Shepard Turner (Divatox, Turbo-Space) played a small role in the classic comedy film "Troop Beverly Hills." The film stars Shelley Long as Beverly Hills housewife, Phyllis Nefler, who tries to focus her hectic life by becoming a troop leader for her daughter's Wilderness Girl troop. Turner appears at the beginning of the film which sets up Phyllis' background as a socialite who loves to shop. Hilary Shepard Turner portrays a saleswoman who is at her side when she tries on a very expensive dress. Turner's character thinks it looks great, but when Phyllis discovers a bead is missing, Turner takes a closer look and agrees to knock the price down to only $5000. She is ecstatic when Phyllis agrees to purchase it. Turner has only one line in the short scene alongside the film's star and is credited as 'Salesgirl.'

"Troop Beverly Hills" is available on DVD

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Karan Ashley on "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" (1996)

Former Yellow Ranger Karan Ashley (Aisha, MMPR) guest starred on the fourth season of the sitcom "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper." Ashley appeared as Monica Carson in the episode titled "Increase the Peace." Monica is an excellent high school student who gets the great news that she scored the highest of any student in her school's history on the SAT's. She immediately draws the attention of school wiseguy Earvin (series regular Omar Gooding), who manages to make her laugh, despite embarrassing them both with his flirtations which are accidentally broadcast to the entire school. Monica is still willing to give him a chance, until her brother Eddie interferes. Eddie is a gang member who gets offended by Earvin's attempts to joke and pulls a gun on him when he uses a handkerchief sporting the color of a rival gang. Though he's stopped from doing anything by Mr. Cooper (series star Mark Curry), he gets expelled. The next day Earvin gets the terrible news that Eddie picked a fight with another gang leading to a drive-by shooting at his house. Monica becomes the tragic victim of a stray bullet. Ashley appeared in several scenes before her character's death.

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Jon Brazier, Craig Parker & Glen Levy on "Legend of the Seeker" (2010)

Jon Brazier (Oracle, Mystic Force) & Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm) returned to "Legend of the Seeker" in the second season episode titled "Hunger." Brazier reprised his role as Thaddicus Zorander, the brother of The Seeker's wizard and grandfather, Zedd. Thaddicus finds himself in danger when he goes into business with the swindler Sebastian to sell his father's supply of shadow water, which has the ability to cure the undead Banelings sent by The Keeper & Darken Rahl. Craig Parker continues his recurring role as the dead villain Darken Rahl, who makes a deal with The Seeker's protector Cara after she's killed. He sends her back as a Baneling and tortures her throughout the episode as she's forced to kill in order to keep herself alive. When Thaddicus joins his brother in search of more shadow water, he almost falls victim to Cara. When she refuses to kill him, he forces her to do it. In the Underworld, Thaddicus is tortured by Rahl. Cara locates the water in time to cure herself and uses her breath of life to bring Thaddicus back from the dead as well. Also appearing in this episode is another PR alum. Longtime stuntman Glen Levy (Thrax, Overdrive) appears in a few scenes playing a soldier who is part of a group that battles the heroes. But when he fights The Confessor, Kahlan, she uses her powers to confess him, placing him under her control. After getting information out of him, she orders him to stop using violence and find honest work, although Cara would rather kill him for his crimes. In another PR connection, this episode was directed by Michael Hurst (voice of Vexacus, Ninja Storm).

Jon Brazier

Craig Parker

Glen Levy

Season 2 of "Legend of the Seeker" is currently airing on THE CW

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