Sunday, February 15, 2009

Antonia Prebble & Jon Brazier on "Outrageous Fortune" (2008)

Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continued her starring role on "Outrageous Fortune" in the fourth season episode "Revenge Most Thoroughly," where she actually appears as two characters. Prebble continues as Loretta West, the youngest rebel of the West family who begins studying old video of her grandmother, with whom she shares an uncanny resemblance, despite their differences in how they carry themselves. Loretta is intrigued with her grandfather's search for the man who his dead wife had an affair with around the time that Loretta's father was conceived. Loretta uses her own observation skills to determine the man's identity based on the video and she sets up a meeting with him, which she keeps from her family. Also appearing in this episode is Prebble's Mystic Force co-star Jon Brazier (Oracle, Mystic Force). Brazier plays Bilkey, one of Grandpa Ted's former friends who he suspects may have had the affair with his wife. His suspicions are false, however, as he discovers that Bilkey is gay and had no interest in his wife back then. Prebble won the 2008 Qantas Film and Television Award for Supporting Actress for her role on "Outrageous Fortune."

Antonia Prebble

Jon Brazier

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