Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 16 (2006)

Things explode for Fiona Ryan in the sixth season episode "Scratch the Surface." Michelle Langstone (Kat, SPD) reprises her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" as the bride of main character Alex Ryan. Fiona's feeling more pressure from her former mother-in-law Sandra, who still carries her secret about never being pregnant so Fiona goes to her husband and suggests they toss Sandra off the family ranch. But when Alex later overhears Fiona & Sandra talking about her pregnancy being fake from the beginning, it's Fiona that may get the boot. Alex is shattered, but unable to bring himself to say anything. When he goes to his best friend Stevie and gets confirmation that turns him against her as well, he confronts Fiona. She swears she only did it because she feared she'd lose him. Alex is forgiving though, and agrees to work on their marriage to make things right. Throughout the episode Fiona works on refinishing an old piece of furniture and when she discovers how much it's worth, she tells him she wants to give the money to the person who sold it to her, which showed Alex that she was still the caring person he fell in love with.

Season 6 of "McLeod's Daughters" is available on DVD

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