Sunday, October 27, 2013

Adelaide Kane on "Reign" (2013)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) stars on the new CW period drama "Reign." The drama is a loosely-based historical account of the young life of Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scotland. Kane plays the Queen of Scots, who, after being hidden away in a monastery, finally emerges after an attempt on her life. The teenager is sent to France, where she is reunited with her betrothed, Prince Francis, and his family. Mary is also reunited with her four closest childhood friends, members of her royal court. Feeling her life is on track, Mary attempts to grow closer to Francis, given their impending marriage, but her attempts to connect due to their past as childhood playmates is rebuffed by Francis, who reveals that he hopes they do not have to marry, since it would only be for political reasons. Francis' mother, Catherine, also plans to stop the marriage after Nostradamus predicts that it will lead to Francis' death. Catherine sets up Mary to be taken advantage of, in order to ruin her reputation and purity, making her unable to wed, but Mary is warned by a mysterious, hooded girl lurking in the castle's hidden tunnels. A full zip of Adelaide Kane's screencaps from the first episode can be downloaded below.

 photo reign-1x1-ak3_zps2ec8c801.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak6_zps0034a530.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak8_zps10662534.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak14_zps2bfdbc2c.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak16_zps25b9091e.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak20_zps30cbe1e6.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak21_zps02211fa9.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak25_zpsf86d39bb.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak29_zps4d2f92a7.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak33_zpsf2d4cf91.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak37_zpsa6839fe8.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak41_zps1cb9cc5a.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak45_zpsf4cb724a.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak47_zps4e88c69f.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak49_zpse5cda130.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak53_zps534c04ef.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak59_zps7f5319db.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak61_zps8193118f.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak63_zpsc5f0938c.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak68_zpse1033f36.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak72_zpsf3502b72.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak79_zpscd7c4905.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak81_zps6869fc04.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak87_zps36d4e8cd.jpg
 photo reign-1x1-ak90_zps3fec2635.jpg  photo reign-1x1-ak93_zpsc11ecd6c.jpg

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