Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anna Hutchison on "Anger Management" (2013)

Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) made a recent guest appearance on the cable comedy "Anger Management." The series stars Charlie Sheen, as a former baseball player turned therapist. In the second season episode "Charlie and the Hooker," Charlie meets Sasha, played by Anna Hutchison, leading to a hook-up. Afterwards, Sasha reveals that she's an escort, working for Ray James, the newest addition to Charlie's therapy group. She tells Charlie that her involvement with him is due to Ray's happiness with his therapy sessions. When Charlie's other patients express discontent with Ray in their group, Charlie sets out to find a way to keep Sasha in his life, while also getting rid of her pimp, Ray. Charlie convinces Sasha to leave the escort business and she takes his advice, but not in the way he intended. He later learns from an upset Ray that Sasha left the business and took his other best escorts with her to another state to start her own business. This leaves both Ray and Charlie distraught.

 photo angerman-2x39-ah1_zpsafdc4f18.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah2_zps031640ee.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah3_zpsf12dc19f.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah4_zpsb5cb39b0.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah5_zps90e99a92.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah6_zps0a3c4f09.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah7_zps9d7677a1.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah8_zpsdcbb963a.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah9_zps5603615e.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah10_zps5bacd647.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah11_zps02eb50b3.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah12_zpsb2e18d6f.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah13_zpsffdae661.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah14_zpse90ce9ba.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah15_zps24e0fde1.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah16_zpse521d2fe.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah17_zps84e85648.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah18_zps0e2d3c26.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah19_zps18eb7bb0.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah20_zpsd5597d55.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah21_zps1df4b80c.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah22_zpsa36f8387.jpg  photo angerman-2x39-ah23_zpsab2d2b9a.jpg
 photo angerman-2x39-ah24_zps4974386f.jpg

Season 2 of "Anger Management" currently airs on FX NETWORK

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Glenn McMillan on "Wonderland" (2013)

Former Yellow Ranger Glenn McMillan (Dustin, Ninja Storm) scored a starring role on the Australian series "Wonderland," which follows a group of eight friends who also happen to be neighbors, living in a flat in Sydney. The first episode, appropriately titled "Weddings," finds two of the group getting married, which has all of their friends together in one place, leading to some drama when the reception is interrupted by flat resident Kristen who decides to propose to the womanizing Tom, who has managed to have a failed relationship with every female resident of the flat, including the current bride. Glenn McMillan plays Carlos dos Santos, a friend of Tom's who actually doesn't live in the flat. He meets one of the residents, the straight-laced lawyer Grace, and their instant chemistry leads to a tryst on the beach after the wedding comes to an end. "Wonderland" finished its 13-episode season earlier this month. The series also stars Jessica Tovey as the bride, Dani, who has appeared on previous series with PR alums Jason Smith, Richard Brancatisano and Nikolai Nikolaeff.

 photo wonderland-gm_zps4df4a754.jpg

 photo wonderland-1x1-gm1_zps1a49e330.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm2_zpsdd8c2dab.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm3_zpsa6aea749.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm4_zpsd557b3ed.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm5_zpscf10c5c6.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm6_zpsd2cbe40c.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm7_zps5cbc79cd.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm8_zps54731a04.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm9_zps7340a530.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm10_zps9832f73b.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm11_zps28e8fab2.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm12_zps844bad37.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm13_zps76fc3953.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm14_zps3e0f6988.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm15_zpsd1321449.jpg
 photo wonderland-1x1-gm16_zps49a9780c.jpg  photo wonderland-1x1-gm17_zpsd46f51e9.jpg

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Holly Shanahan on "The Doctor Blake Mysteries" (2013)

Holly Shanahan (Camille, Jungle Fury) guest starred on the Australian mystery drama "The Doctor Blake Mysteries," during the ninth episode, titled "All That Glitters." The episode finds Dr. Blake getting involved with a murder investigation after a prospector strikes gold in his town. After showing off the find at the local pub, the man is found dead inside his mine. Holly Shanahan appears in the episode as Eadie McIntyre, a young woman engaged to be married to Russ Barlow, who becomes the prime suspect in the crime after she brings Russ to see Dr. Blake to fix a wound on his hand, which Dr. Blake realizes may have been suffered in the mine. When Dr. Blake also realizes that Eadie works in the records department and may have had access to information used in planning the crime, Russ is carted off to jail. Later, however, Dr. Blake tracks down the true killer inside the mine. Holly Shanahan is the third PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "The Doctor Blake Mysteries." Aljin Abella & Nicholas Bell appeared in the previous episode. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

 photo drblakem-1x9-hs1_zps56e1f73e.jpg  photo drblakem-1x9-hs2_zps121e21e7.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs3_zpsa679e381.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs4_zpsf1e598da.jpg  photo drblakem-1x9-hs5_zpsd2326cfb.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs6_zps0688de24.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs7_zpsf50d7b3f.jpg  photo drblakem-1x9-hs8_zps6e25c0f3.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs9_zps847bff97.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs10_zps4952a342.jpg  photo drblakem-1x9-hs11_zpsdc9d5336.jpg
 photo drblakem-1x9-hs12_zps64df7b11.jpg

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