Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keith Robinson on "American Dreams" - 12 (2003)

Former Green Ranger, Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) continued his recurring role on the family drama "American Dreams." Robinson appeared as Nathan Walker in the show's 23rd episode titled "Down the Shore," which centers on the Pryor family, planning their annual family beach vacation. As the series heads towards the end of its first season, tensions continue to rise between the black residents and the white police force. It's a scorching hot day in the city and Robinson's character, Nathan, is trying to keep cool, along with most of his neighbors. When he assists in breaking open a fire hydrant so the neighborhood kids can enjoy the cool water in the street, a police officer arrives on the scene, demanding they cease tampering with the hydrants. Nathan stands up to the officer and is threatened with arrest. Keith Robinson appears in four scenes of the episode.

Season 1 of "American Dreams" is available on DVD

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