Friday, June 10, 2011

David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 18 (2005)

David de Lautour's (RJ, Jungle Fury) final appearance on the comedy series "What I Like About You" came in the show's third season finale, titled "Enough is Enough," where he reprised his role as musician Ben Sheffield, the ex-boyfriend of main character, Holly Tyler, and the roommate of Holly's pals, Vince & Gary. Ben doesn't play a major role in the finale, which finds Holly ready to profess her love to Vince, only to find out that he plans to move to Florida with his new girlfriend. David de Lautour appears in two extended scenes of the episode. In the first, he is excited to know he'll get Vince's room after he leaves town. He later goes to the club with Vince & Gary, where they run into Holly, whom Vince is infuriated with. Ben suggests they leave so he doesn't fall back in love with Holly and decide to stay in town. Although this was his last appearance on the series, de Lautour's character doesn't get any real sendoff. When the series returned for its fourth season, Ben's noticeable absence was explained by his character returning to England, off-screen.

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