Thursday, February 9, 2012

David de Lautour on "Touch" (2012)

"Touch" follows the story of a man whose mute and emotionally-challenged son seems to have the ability to predict events before they happen through his use of cataloged numbers. In the series pilot episode, David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) guest stars as Simon Plimpton, a traveling salesman who loses his cell phone in an airport, setting off a chain of events that highlight the connectivity amongst people from all over the world who encounter the phone, as Simon struggles to get it back since it contains photographs of his daughter, who is later revealed to have died on a pivotal date which recurs throughout the hour. Simon spends most of the hour on the telephone trying to track down his cell for its sentimental value, all starting with a call to the phone which ends up in the hands of main character Martin Bohm (series star Keifer Sutherland). Ultimately, Simon is able to convince the operator at his cell provider to call the phone after it falls into a blocked country. When she discovers a boy on the other end, attached to a bomb in Baghdad, she convinces him not to carry out his plan which he hoped would help his family get an oven they desperately need to continue their business. Remembering Simon sells restaurant equipment, she makes the connection that saves the boy. While in Tokyo, Simon is stunned when he sees his family photos broadcast in the middle of the city. A full zip of David de Lautour's screencaps are available below.

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"Touch" airs on FOX

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