Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jack Guzman on "Dexter" (2012)

Jack Guzman (Danny, Wild Force) recently appeared on the crime drama "Dexter." Guzman guest starred as a prisoner named Quinones in the seventh season episode "Do the Wrong Thing." Quinones interacts with fellow prisoner, Isaak Sirko, a strip club owner with evil intentions who finds himself behind bars after a crime spree thwarted by the police & Dexter. He finds enemies in a Columbian gang, which sends Quinones to get some revenge for past crimes against them, but Sirko turns the tables on Guzman's character, breaking his wrist in the process. He warns him and his gang to keep their distance or get even worse when he calls upon his own reinforcements. Given the threats, and his injury, Quinones agrees to leave Sirko alone. Guzman has several lines, but appears in only one extended scene, opposite guest star Ray Stevenson.




Season 7 of "Dexter" currently airs on SHOWTIME

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