Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Amy Jo Johnson on "Flashpoint" - 2 (2008)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) continued her starring role on the CBS police drama "Flashpoint." In episode two, titled "First in Line," the SRU team is called into action when a father takes a hospital hostage after learning that his dying daughter has been bumped from receiving a vital heart transplant even after they've been called to rush to the hospital for surgery. Johnson continues her role as Jules Callaghan, who uses her sniper skills to aid the team as the situation escalates. Ultimately, the father is apprehended without the team resorting to fatal tactics. In the end, Jules learns that the intended heart recipient changed his mind and allowed the young girl to receive the transplant instead.

"Flashpoint" currently airs on CBS

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Josephine Davison on "Cleopatra 2525" - 3 (2001)

Josephine Davison (Morgana, SPD) made her final appearance on "Cleopatra 2525" in 2001. She reprised her role as former-criminal-turned-political leader Marla in the twelfth episode of the second season, titled "No Thanks for the Memories." Marla investigates a murder that points directly to another former bad girl, the heroic Sarge (series regular Victoria Pratt). With video proof, Marla pursues Sarge, believing her to be guilty and forcing Sarge to confront her own villainous past. In the end, of course, Sarge is exonerated and freed of all suspicion.

Season 2 of "Cleopatra 2525" is available on DVD

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Chris Graham on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)

Chris Graham (Leanbow, Mystic Force) guest starred during the very first season of "Xena: Warrior Princess." Graham appeared in episode nine of the series "Death in Chains," where he played Toxeus, a foe of Xena's who is killed during a fight with her. But with Celesta, the Goddess of Death, held captive without her death candle, no one seems to be dying. Toxeus continues to pursue Xena after his death. He even slaughters his own gang to join him in the undead fight. But, when Xena frees Celesta, Toxeus and his army are all returned to the dead. Graham appears in several scenes of the episode. This is the 20th episode of "Xena: Warrior Princess" featured on the blog.

Season 1 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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Sally Martin & Holly Shanahan on "Welcome to Paradise" - 13 (2007)

The final episode of "Welcome to Paradise" finds the Paradise hostel falling apart, due to lack of repairs. The episode is aptly titled "Little Bo Peepshow." The added noise from the construction of the new Little Bo Peepshow across the street leaves business in the gutter. Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm) and Holly Shanahan (Camille, Jungle Fury) continue their starring roles, as their characters Sasha & Lucy team up with their male co-workers to convince the hostel's manager, Alex, to get the repairs done. When they later discover that the Little Bo Peepshow is also owned by Alex's rich father, they convince him to finally stand up for himself and their business. The timely arrival of Alex's mother gives them another strong ally, helping them to save the hostel. With repairs restarted, the gang is given some much-needed time off. Lucy finally gets some time away with Zac, until Sasha and the gang decide to tag along on their road trip. "Welcome to Paradise" ran for 13 episodes in New Zealand. Screencaps from the entire series have been featured here on the blog.

Sally Martin

Holly Shanahan

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